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Crack the Girl Code Review

Crack the Girl Code Review
Crack the Girl Code is a unique �attracting women� program. While most seduction programs out there focus on enhancing your �game,� Crack the Girl Code centers on enhancing �you� to make way for the �best you� possible that women would find naturally attractive; making this program a perfect fit for all the nice guys out there. It�s not only theories and concepts either since this program is created by a woman (i.e. firsthand knowledge of what makes women tick) who is recognized as one of the best (i.e. she�s well-decorated with lots of success stories) at getting good guys the woman of their dreams.

Speaking of which, this product is created by Marni Kinrys; otherwise known as the world�s �#1 Wing Girl.� Yes fellas, she is a girl who helps men learn how to attract other women (ain�t that cool?); and very accomplished at that. Those accomplishments had brought her to the pages of Glamour, Men�s Health, cNet, The Huffington Post, and, among others; while also being featured in Dr. Drew and The Jeff Probst Show. While alpha male dating gurus are speculating and theorizing about what attracts women the most, here�s a �wing girl� who can give you a firsthand account of what attracts women � being a woman herself, on top of being an expert dating coach.

It�s also worth noting that this product is being published and endorsed by the legendary Michael Fiore. For those of you who don�t know, Michael is an Amazon bestselling author with multiple products across his name. His most popular media appearance was on �The Rachael Ray Show� while also being featured on some Fox and CBS shows. Michael is considered as one of the most trustworthy names in the dating and relationship advice industry.

Now for the program proper; the first module is about �Self Awareness and Self Assurance.� No, this is not your typical �inner game� notion of projecting confidence (or at least an illusion of). Crack the Girl Code�s principles and methods run deeper than that; drilling deep into an existential journey of self discovery and growth. Don�t worry, you don�t have to be a philosopher in order to succeed in this module; some simple exercises are provided to help you realize your �best self� that is capable of naturally attracting women.

The next module deals with understanding women; we mean really understanding women and not just theorizing about what they want or do not want. Let�s face it, Marni knows more about women than all the male dating gurus out there can possibly know; and she�s an experienced dating coach who can concretize these women feelings and desires better than the laywoman.

The last module deals with actual skills that would help you land a date (and beyond) with beautiful women. From approaching women, to conversing and connecting with them, all the way to setting up a date and following up afterwards, this module has all the bases covered. This is the section wherein you get to learn the practical skills that you would actually use when you come out to meet women.
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