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Unlock Her Legs Review

Unlock Her Legs Review
Unlock Her Legs is a �how to get the �hard-to-get� or �impossible-to-get� girl� type of deal. It is not a pickup guide or a manual that teaches you the �seduction game.� Unlock Her Legs is all about getting with a girl who is already in your orbit. In other words, a girl who is in your life right now, want to get together with, but is seemingly out of reach.

She may be the most popular girl in school who does not know you exist. A girl at work who throws you a passing nod everyday. Your close girl buddy to whom you have feelings for but has already friend-zoned you. Unlock Her Legs gives you a fighting chance of getting with her.

Just to add, despite how its name may sound like. This is not a sleazy product. This program does not promote a �wham bam, thank you ma�am� ideology.

Bobby Rio and Rob Judge are the creators of Unlock Her Legs. Both of them are very accomplished personalities in the dating scene. Let us get to know each of them by shining a light on their backgrounds individually.

Bobby Rio is an established name in the pickup and seduction industry with more than a decade of experience in the field. He is also the creator of TSB Magazine � a website that teaches men about dating, seduction, and lifestyle. Along with his successful website, Bobby has also released several best-selling dating courses like Make Small Talk Sexy: Conversation Escalation and Magnetic Messaging.

Rob Judge, on the other hand, has been giving dating advice to men since 2009. His pickup and seduction successes started a few years prior to that. Along the way, Rob has been a valued contributor to dating blogs and shows. Not surprising since he has a journalism background. He has also launched a few successful dating and pickup products, one of which is Magnetic Messaging, which he co-authored with Bobby Rio.

The combined experiences and knowledge of these two authors ensure the quality of this program. It is hard to discount two legends that have been in the game for quite some time.

As for Unlock Her Legs, going through the modules would allow you to have psychological, emotional, and physical domination over the girl you want to get together with.

You will start with a �Closed Door Interview� of Bobby and Rob being interviewed by a robot voice named �Nikki.� This fun interview sets the context for the rest of the program. However, �Nikki� is not fooling everyone with that robotic accent.

Psychological dominance comes with the module entitled �Weapons of Seduction.� If you want to know how to get into your target girl�s radar, these techniques would show you how. Get that most elusive girl to notice you and think of you in that romantic context. Let these weapons show you the way.

Emotional dominance gets the girl to experience heightened feelings for you. In effect, making you like the drug that she cannot get enough of. �The Scrambler� module teaches you exactly how. You will get the girl addicted to you beyond reason, and she would not be able to explain why.

The last major module is the �LUST System� which teaches you how to achieve physical dominance. No, it is not about wrestling, MMA, or any form of assault. It talks about how to escalate the physical aspect of your connection with your girl. That is, you would be able to go from handholding to sleeping with her in no time. The �LUST System� covers the entire process in detail.
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